As a wedding florist I believe it is very important to work together with other vendors to make your day run smoothly.  I never want you to have to worry about when I am going to be there and that is why I coordinate with your photographer to make sure I am there in plenty of time so they are able to take fabulous detail shots and I don’t want you to have to wait around for me!  There are so many awesome photographers in town that move your day along smoothly.  If a bride doesn’t have a wedding coordinator, or even if they do, the photographers are the ones in charge that make sure everything gets done in a timely manner and you aren’t sad when you get your pictures because something was missed. That is why photographers are not cheap!  That is why it is totally worth it to pay for a good photographer.  My advice to brides today is to spend the money on a good photographer in town and not one that is going to drive you nuts on your wedding day or miss a ton of pictures. Pick a WEDDING photographer!  Just because someone says they are a photographer, does not mean they will take fabulous shots on your wedding day.  Anyone with a camera can call themselves a photographer.

As a wedding florist most photographers are happy to share their pictures with me and I think that is important.  It is important because then I am able to refer them because I know what they can do!  I definitely have seen a ton and know who is good and who is not in town. I am happy to refer my favorites if you are interested.  It is such an important aspect of your wedding!  Call 419-517-8821.

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The above is all my opinion and I apologize if it offends anyone.  I’m just really getting sick of working with rude photographers who don’t know what they are doing and waste the bride’s time and mine.