I was so honored to be invited to visit You First by Grant Services this last week by one of my former Floral Design and Greenhouse Students, Tamnika. She is now the Community and Integration Manager there.

“You First by Grant Services LP, an agency certified by the Ohio Department of Developmental Disibilities, offers a variety of services to individuals living in Lucas and Fulton Counties.  Services include recreational activities, personal care, vocational opportunities and transportation. You First by Grant Services was founded in 2013 by CEO John Grant and his partners, Shawna Grant, Paul Grant, Charolotte Grant, Eric Bickford and Marie Bickford. The purpose of You First by Grant Services is to work alongside the individual and their support team and assist each individual with achieving his / her desired goals.”- http://www.yfbgs.com/

Your First by Grant Services offers adult day support, vocational rehabilitation, non-medical transportation and homemaker/personal care. I was invited to visit because one of their focuses is building job skills. I was asked to share how I began in the floral industry and a bit about what I do on a daily basis. Vans brought over the interested individuals to hear me speak.  I spoke at the location on Airport Highway and everyone was so welcoming. Multiple individuals shook my hand and welcomed me and one even wanted to play me a song on the piano!

Jen Linehan, Certified Florist

Jen Linehan, Certified Florist, teaching the adults at You First by Grant Services about floral design.

Jen Linehan, teaching at You First

Jen, Linehan, CF, teaching adults at You First about the career of floral design.

Jen Linehan, CF, teaching floral design

Jen Linehan, CF teaching floral design to the adults at You First by Grant Services.

You First by Grant Services Group

The whole group with instructor, Jen Linehan, CF, after the floral design presentation.

I had such a wonderful time sharing my love of floral design with this sweet group! Thanks so much to Tamnika for inviting me to come! If anyone else is interested in sharing about the job they love, Tamnika is looking for more people to speak. Please let me know and I’d be happy to connect you.