I’ve been subbing a lot at Southview for their Horticulture teacher this year because it’s the class I taught for my first 2 years of teaching and so I’m the perfect option for a sub! Now that I’m not teaching anymore I’ve really been enjoying teaching when I want to!  While I’ve been subbing there has been a lot of interest in flowers.  I’ve been helping to train the Floriculture team which will compete at Districts and States this year in FFA’s Floriculture Career Development Event.

They will take a general knowledge written exam, judge placing classes, identify cut flowers, foliages, flowering potted plants, foliage plants, bedding plants, vegetables and herbs.  They will also either design a bud vase, corsage, foil and bow a potted plant or plant cuttings.  In the past 5 years, I have coached two teams to 1st in the state!  I’m so excited to see how hard the team has been working without me.  When I showed up Saturday morning there were 9 students in studying! Couldn’t believe it!