Check out all of the wire accents!  And cascades are definitely in this year!

Instead of carrying 5 gerbs down the aisle because you’re on a budget, let us create this awesome wire armature and glue in some gorgeous phaleonopsis orchids or another flower of your choice!

Love these phaleonopsis orchids!

Little bit of ribbon anyone?

 Baby’s breath boa?

Love the delicate pearls and wire accents!

Is teal one of your colors? This gorgeous wire comes in the perfect color and we can make it in to any shape!

Flower shawl?  They suggested brides wear one for their grand entrance into the reception!

This is one of my favorites!  Should I do something similar for my wedding?

Flower umbrella?

This was our favorite show by far because weddings have a special place in our heart!  I hope you enjoy the pictures!  We are happy to create anything similar for your wedding or help you come up with even more fun ideas!