Check out these new keepsake bracelets from Beautiful Blooms by Jen.  We create floral jewelry to match your dress and then you can take the flower piece off after the dance and wear the bracelet whenever you want.  There are so many different options and you get to build your own corsage!  When you come in to shop, the main thing to know is the dress color.  Corsages start at $24.95 and boutonnieres start at $9.95.


Step 1: Pick your bracelet.


Step 2: Pick your flowers



Spray Roses in assorted colors.

Freesia in assorted colors.

Ranunculus in assorted colors

Dendrobium orchids in assorted colors.

Step 3: Pick your bow color and bling.


There are lots of options!

Step 4: Let Beautiful Blooms by Jen be creative! Here are some examples!

White sweetheart corsage on a black bubble bath bracelet.

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