Blooms to Cure the Blues

Blooms to Cure the Blues- Free local delivery of bud vases to nursing homes

Beautiful Blooms by Jen had an amazing time this week designing bud vases for  local nursing homes. We started earlier in the week, with an idea from Beautiful Blooms by Jen, manager, Colleen, to offer $10 bud vases with free delivery while quarantine is happening and family and friends aren’t allowed to visit. We chose Oakleaf Village and Franciscan Care Center for our deliveries because they customers of Beautiful Blooms by Jen. Did you know that they each care so much about their residents that they send flowers to the families of their residents when a resident passes?  They are both incredible facilities.

Delivering to Oakleaf Village

Delivering Blooms to Cure the Blues $10 budvases to Oakleaf Village in Toledo, Ohio.

We put out the call on social media and were fortunate enough that Rachel Schneider, from 13abc came and shared what we were doing. We had sweet people calling to order flowers for specific people and then some caring souls would add on a couple extra for someone who needed a smile. Others who don’t know someone in a nursing home, would order some just because they are amazing people. These extras were divided between Oakleaf and Franciscan Center.  It is so cool that people are sharing kindness during such a difficult time.

Oakleaf Village Bud Vase Delivery

Oakleaf Village Bud Vase Delivery by Mary and Jen from Beautiful Blooms by Jen.

Then the word spread so fast that people started calling and wanted to send flowers to their loved ones at other nursing homes as well. So we decided to open up the free delivery to all nursing homes. You guys…. We had over 200 bud vases go all over town today! It was one of the coolest things I have ever done as a business owner. It really gives me goose bumps just thinking about it! And the 200 bud vases don’t even include the ones we delivered all over town to other nursing homes all week long!

Beautiful Blooms by Jen delivers to Oakleaf Village

Beautiful Blooms by Jen delivers bud vases to residents at Oakleaf Village in Toledo, Ohio

We have decided to continue delivering for free to all nursing homes, daily, in our delivery area as long as we are allowed to. With all of the rules and regulations changing on a daily basis due to Coronavirus and COVID-19, we are going to do what we can, with what flowers are available. Thank you all for being such caring individuals.

Beautiful Blooms by Jen bud vase delivery

Beautiful Blooms by Jen delivers $10 budvases to residents at Oakleaf Village with free delivery!

Haven’t placed your order yet? No problem! The easiest way is to call the shop at 419-517-8821. Another easy way is to visit our website and place your order online. It says it’s a pickup so you are not charged delivery. If you want the flowers delivered to a specific person, please place their name and nursing home in the special instructions space. Thank you so much!

Blooms to Cure the Blues by Beautiful Blooms

One extremely kind person decided to send flowers to the nurse stations at a local nursing home and then residents could each take a bloom if interested. Isn’t that so sweet?!