Kristen, from Krazy K Custom Arts, and I went to high school together and she reached out to me because she had a great project that she wanted to teach, but it included a flower component as well. We decided to call our workshop, Board and Blooms!  It took place during the First Friday Red Bird Art Walk which was so fun because people were so curious as to what was going on!

In the class, we created a fun home decor piece to show off our Ohio or Michigan pride! Kristen, taught the class we to paint and distress an Ohio or Michigan wood board with a mason jar vase and then Jen taught the group how to fill it with an arrangement of flowers. We also snacked on pizza from J & G’s and drank wine. It was a blast!

BBBJen Board and Blooms floral design class

Participants learn distressing techniques at their Board and Brush class with Beautiful Blooms by Jen.

Board and Brush Design Class at Beautiful Blooms by Jen.

Participants painted their Ohio or Michigan with white paint and then let it dry so they could then learn to distress.

Flower arranging class at Beautiful Blooms

First we designed our arrangements that would later be attached to the state shape.

Floral Design Class

Then Kristen helped the group attach their arrangements to their state shape.

Board and Brush Class at Beautiful Blooms by Jen

The finished product of the board and brush class with Krazy K Custom Arts and Beautiful Blooms by Jen!