9-22-13 Wedding Flower Sneak Peak!

So funny! Our two weddings on Sunday are pretty much the exact same! Take a look! Everything is finished and ready to go! Can’t wait for the brides to see everything tomorrow! Check facebook for pictures!

9-21-13 Wedding Preview

Oh man! Lot’s of flowers today at Beautiful Blooms by Jen! This is a sneak peak for all of our Saturday weddings. Sunday weddings will come in on Friday. Here you go!  

9-6-13 Ashely and Vinny Wedding Flower Sneak Peek!

This was a fun wedding because we did Ashely’s sister’s wedding in 2010 and we had gotten to know the family a bit. When Ashely came in we were so excited! Then Vinny became our delivery driver for a bit and was awesome! It was also super fun because they...