Oh my goodness we had so much fun with this adorable bunny Easter Kid’s Class! What a great turnout over the two days!  These cuties visited Beautiful Blooms by Jen, drew on their bunny face, added the pink nose and bunny tail and planted a bulb pant into their vase. Didn’t they turn out so well?!

Jen’s son, Cooper, was finally old enough to join us for a class!

Directions for class participants- After your bulb flowers are spent, let them dry out and die back. Store them in a dry, cool spot like a garage or basement and then plant them in the ground this fall. The bulbs will develop roots when it gets cold and then bloom again in the spring!

We love to host classes of any kind. As the only Certified Florists in Northwest Ohio, Jen Linehan, CF, CFD or one of our other talented designers will be your class instructor and all classes include all tools and supplies needed to make a gorgeous arrangement. We can custom design a class to fit into your budget. Most classes are in the $35-50 range. Please call Beautiful Blooms by Jen at 419-517-8821 to schedule your class!

Florist Friday- Meet Sarah!


I first met Sarah when she was a freshman at Southview High School and she was one of my horticulture students! She was one of the most talented floral designers I taught and I was so excited when she decided to apply to Ohio State ATI and major in Floral Design and Marketing! She earned an awesome scholarship because of all the hard work she put in during high school and the competitions she had competed in.


Check out this blast from the past of some of my favorite students competing at Nationals!

During college, Sarah worked at Creque’s Greenhouse during the summer and interned at a flower shop in Wooster, OH during college. We were so lucky that we were just expanding as she needed a full time job! She was the perfect fit since she’d begun her training with me!

Sarah Carver, Beautiful Blooms by Jen

Sarah’s first head shot with Beautiful Blooms by Jen, back in 2013!- Finn Photography










As one of the youngest in the shop, Sarah took charge with our kid’s classes and did a great job!


As the shop grew and we are now too busy for kid’s classes every weekend, she has now moved into one of our lead designers! She works full time at Beautiful Blooms by Jen and she has become such an creative designer and wonderful saleswoman!  She has recently begun working with families in planning their sympathy flowers and is doing a great job!

Sarah says one of her favorite things about working at a flower shop is seeing someone’s reaction to her work. Especially at weddings when the bride is so relieved and smiling when she sees everything is perfect.

copyright Photos by Yvonne 2013

Sarah Carver, Beautiful Blooms by Jen. – Photos by Yvonne

Sarah also says one of her favorite things to do at the shop is corsages.


Another fun fact is that her dad is our delivery driver when we need him. He’s also the athletic trainer at Southview High School so it’s so awesome that he helps us out!

Scott Carver, Beautiful Blooms by Jen

Scott Carver, Beautiful Blooms by Jen.

And she loves when she has artistic freedom with a design. Her recommendation for Valentine’s Day is choosing Designer’s Choice so she can design you something creative!


It’s been so fun watching Sarah grow up and we’re so fortunate to have such an amazing designer and person working at Beautiful Blooms by Jen! Look what a beautiful young lady she has become!

2015 Sarah Carver, Beautiful Blooms by Jen- Photo Tableau

2015 Sarah Carver, Beautiful Blooms by Jen- Photo Tableau

Sarah Carver, Beautiful Blooms by Jen- JP Photography

Sarah Carver, Beautiful Blooms by Jen- JP Photography


Colleen Barnhart, Manager at Beautiful Blooms by Jen

Colleen Barnhart, Manager at Beautiful Blooms by Jen.  JP Photography

I first met Colleen when she was the Manager at Bumble, a former flower shop in downtown Sylvania. I had been invited to open Beautiful Blooms by Jen inside and while working on contracts, I found our little house and opened our own location. Colleen had just had a baby and that is now how we keep track of how long we’ve been open in Sylvania. Madeline is now 6 years old!


Madeline- JP Photography

Colleen didn’t come work for me right away though…  I was actually devastated when my first manager, Meghan, was moving to be closer to her boyfriend, now husband. I had no idea what I was going to do because business was booming and I needed to hire staff anyway, and then I received an email from Colleen. It was totally fate and I am so glad that we are now a team! She is a fabulous manager and now one of my best friends!

Colleen began her work in the floral industry working for her cousin, Annette Moriarty, back in high school. The shop was called A Studio. Then she moved on to Glendale Flowers where it seems every floral designer in Toledo got their start. Back in the day it was the place to be!

Colleen then moved on to Twigs Florals and Gifts in Rossford and worked there for many years. She was presented with an opportunity to help open Bumble and she was excited to be working in Sylvania close to home. A new marriage and a new child later, she stayed at home for a while and when she was ready to come back to work, she found her new home at Beautiful Blooms by Jen!

Her family home includes her hard working husband, Tim, Tim’s three kids, and 6 year old, Madeline. Her older kids, you have probably seen helping out and delivering for Beautiful Blooms by Jen. Megan and her truck-driving, arch delivering husband, Brandon and Caitlan. I love that they are all part of the team and the dream!

Untitled design (10)

Caitlan, Megan and Brandon

I honestly don’t know what I would do without Colleen. She is the Manager of Beautiful Blooms by Jen and takes care of the every day ordering for the shop. She also helps manage the day to day orders and deliveries which allows me to focus on weddings and the business like marketing and accounting. Colleen is an amazing at everything she does and I am so lucky to have her as part of our BBBJ Team!

copyright Photos by Yvonne 2013

Jen and Colleen, 2013. Photos by Yvonne

All Make-Up by Beauty by Brandi