At Beautiful Blooms by Jen, we value education and the future of the industry. With a degree in Agriculture Education, I believe in continuous education. Because of that reason, Colleen, Sarah and I drove up to Mayesh Wholesale Florist in mid-October to attend a Michigan Floral Association Regional Meeting.

It was an awesome opportunity to get up to Detroit and see what was new at Mayesh. Many of our orders are made over the phone or through email so it’s great to see what is new and interesting in person. The wholesale house supply department basically looks like a grocery store and the rows of shelves are all filled with floral supplies like vases, baskets, ribbon, paint, etc. It’s a florist’s heaven! Plus we love our saleslady, Nora!

Mayesh also has multiple coolers that are filled with fresh flowers. There is an entire section for each variety of flowers, the greenery and a whole cooler just for tropicals like orchids!

Mayesh also fed us dinner which was fabulous! We also had the opportunity to chat with our favorite Mayesh employees which is great because the more you know your salespeople, the better they know you and what you love!

The meeting began and it was great to learn what the Michigan Floral Association is up to. I love how hard they are working to make sure that the future of the floral industry is amazing!

Then there was a fabulous presentation by Jerome Raska, from Blumz by JR Designs, called Everything is Coming Up Roses. Jerome and his partner, Robin, have premier flower shops in Detroit, Ferndale, and Ann Arbor and we have watched both of them present before and always learn so much!

We talked about fabulous flower crowns which are so in right now. 

This was one of my favorite pieces that is a bridal bouquet! The textures are so fun and the armature it’s made from with the woven lily grass is why!

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Love this fun way to design a dozen roses!


Can you say wow?! Love the vase! Love the Dahlias! Love the roses!

We can’t wait to go back to the shop and think outside the box when designing with roses. Thanks again to Michigan Floral Association, Mayesh Wholesale Florist and Jerome Raska!