A gorgeous casket cover in all whites.  Love the groupings of flowers, the gray foliages and the orchid lei hanging down.

How fun is this!  This wool ribbon is a new product we learned about at the show.  It comes in all different fun colors!  The top is an ivy topiary that can be taken out and enjoyed by the family for years to come. Just a couple of flowers are added and the awesome vase another family can take home!

Check out this gorgeous container!  J suggests that florists rent containers like this to funerals because they are such a huge impact!  Can you picture how cool it would look to have one of these on either side of the casket?  And then the florist just picks up the vase after the funeral and the family takes home the flowers.

Want to save some money? Order a scarf for the casket instead of something big. Made of all foliages it is still a very high impact piece but very cost effective.

This piece would be for a closed casket. How pretty!

We have all different shapes we can design in.  This one is an open circle and I think the ribbon tucked through adds a lot.

This is another open circle but would be sat flat on the table like it is, and then the urn could be placed in the middle.

Little baby heart that can be placed inside the casket. Maybe from the grandchildren or great grandchildren?

Very fun new product that is waterproof! Add some flowers and you’re set!

This is the top from the silver vase. Way more impact in the silver vase right?

This is an open heart. Again, the urn can be placed inside of it, it can sit on the table, or it can be hung on an easel.
We had the pleasure of attending a funeral workshop by J. Schwanke, AAF, AIFD, PFCI.  We learned there that there are so many new and innovative ways we can help you share in the celebration of someones life!  Since we’ve been doing weddings and events for the last three years and we just recently because full service we are having a lot of fun designing for different events in your life as well. Funerals can be really depressing. Why not celebrate their life and express your feelings in flowers?!

For a funeral we prefer if you call and set up an appointment because we feel that a funeral is a very important event in your life and we want to make sure we have time to sit down with you and give you the attention it deserves.  Please call 419-517-8821 to set up an appointment. We have books and pictures and can share with you more about what new ideas we learned.

Express your feelings with flowers and send something that everyone else will wish they sent!