We were so excited to offer this super fun wine and design floral design class for the first time right after Mother’s Day where Mom’s and daughters could come as an awesome Mother’s Day gift and make a super fun night out for ladies!  We chose Element 112 because they have fantastic food, drinks and their room, the Periodic Table is a room we’ve used before when delivering flowers for showers, parties and even a small wedding. It was the perfect setting!

The groups of ladies arrived at Element 112, in downtown Sylvania, for cocktail hour! They were served wine and beer and appetizers that were all included in their price of the class. Billie Jo, from Beauty by Billie Jo, was also on hand to help the ladies pick out the perfect lip stick color by LimeLight!  Then once everyone had the perfect lip, they were able to get their picture taken by the Toledo Goof Booth, by Love is Greater Photography!  Then to finish up cocktail hour, they were treated to desserts from So Sweet Pastries!

Colleen, from BBBJen, Billie Jo, from Beauty by Billie Jo, Jen from BBBJen and Stacey from Toledo Goof Booth

Then the designing began!  Beautiful Blooms by Jen’s Certified Florist, Jen Linehan instructed the ladies on how to create a pedestal centerpiece in whites, ivories and blushes and we finished them off with draping greenery and a succulent!  It was discussed that this would also be a super fun class for a bride and bridesmaids to come do and design the wedding centerpieces together!

All prepped and ready to go for class!

Cocktail hour while everyone admired their buckets of gorgeous flowers!

Beer and wine were included in the price of this design class. 

After enjoying appetizers from Element 112 and dessert from So Sweet Pastries, we prepared to begin our floral designs. 

We added our hydrangea first, and then our snapdragons. 

What a great Mother’s Day gift!

The last thing we added to our designs was the greenery to fill in any holes we had and to add a romantic element. 

The silver dollar eucalyptus was a hit!

This design class was also a super fun night out for girlfriends!

And Moms, daughters and Coworkers all together!

Love how much fun everyone had!

The finished project!

Check out more pictures from the Toledo Goof Booth!

We love to host classes of any kind. One of the Beautiful Blooms by Jen talented designers will teach the class, and all classes include all tools and supplies needed to make a gorgeous arrangement. We can also custom design a class to fit into your budget. Most classes are in the $35-75 range. Please call Beautiful Blooms by Jen at 419-517-8821 to schedule your class! They are perfect for holiday parties with employees and girls nights out!

The next Beautiful Blooms by Jen floral design class is July 7th from 5:30-8pm at Element 112. It is in conjunction with the First Friday Red Bird Art Walk that has the theme Red, White and Brew for July. We are hosting Blooms and Brews! Click here for more details!


Make Your Own Wreath! Call 419-517-8821 to save your spot. Only 8 spots available per class.

The first class is on Sunday April 1st at 3pm and costs $25 which includes all materials and instruction.- Create your own grapevine wreath!

The second class is on Tuesday April 3rd at 6pm and we will be creating spring centerpieces.  It will be perfect for your Easter table!  Only $35 provides you with all materials and instruction.

In the third class we will create a square vased arrangement.  Very modern and fun!  The class is on Sunday April 15th at 3pm and costs $35 which includes materials and instruction.

The Daisy girl scouts from Maplewood Elementary came for a tour of Beautiful Blooms by Jen last Friday.  We had so much fun and were so excited that they brought us Girl Scout cookies!  If any other troops are interested, there are multiple badges we can help the scouts get!  Please call 419-517-8821 to schedule your visit!

On Tuesday, I went to the First Congregational Church on Collingwood to meet the ladies in the group Out and About.  I had so much fun teaching them about flowers and design and they had such great questions!  They even stumped me when they asked what is the craziest thing someone has ever asked me to design! I’m still thinking on that one!

If you are interested in having me come speak to your group, just let us know! Now that I’m not teaching on a daily basis I love the opportunity!

I’ve been subbing a lot at Southview for their Horticulture teacher this year because it’s the class I taught for my first 2 years of teaching and so I’m the perfect option for a sub! Now that I’m not teaching anymore I’ve really been enjoying teaching when I want to!  While I’ve been subbing there has been a lot of interest in flowers.  I’ve been helping to train the Floriculture team which will compete at Districts and States this year in FFA’s Floriculture Career Development Event.

They will take a general knowledge written exam, judge placing classes, identify cut flowers, foliages, flowering potted plants, foliage plants, bedding plants, vegetables and herbs.  They will also either design a bud vase, corsage, foil and bow a potted plant or plant cuttings.  In the past 5 years, I have coached two teams to 1st in the state!  I’m so excited to see how hard the team has been working without me.  When I showed up Saturday morning there were 9 students in studying! Couldn’t believe it!

From In Style- January 2012

Ever wonder why Pro Flowers, 1800 Flowers,  and FTD.com are so much cheaper than ordering from your local florist like Beautiful Blooms by Jen? Floristdetective.com does a great job explaining the difference below.


What is Order Gathering?




The term ‘order gatherer’ was coined several years ago to describe floral service marketers, both real and virtual, that aggressively promote the sale of flower arrangements and related gifts which they intend to broker to local florists for fulfillment, primarily via affiliations with national florist wire services.




Why Local Florists Oppose Most Forms of Order Gathering




Real local florists’ concerns about some of the order gatherers’ commonly used advertising practices occur on several counts including:


  • the use of misleading ad titles and text that confuse consumers by featuring specific city names – when the order gatherers do not operate local flower shops that directly service the locations and where their sites or print ads fail to clearly inform consumers as to how these orders are ‘serviced.’
  • the use of city-specific website pages with text crafted to confuse consumers by targeting city names – when the order gatherers do not operate local flower shops in the vicinity and fail to clearly explain how they ‘service’ these areas.
  • the use of the phrase ‘we delivery to’ when the brokers only ‘relay to’ or ‘forward to’ local florists for fulfillment, implying a service which they do not provide.
  • the failure to itemize and explain all fees to consumers, making price comparisons difficult.
  • the fraudulent claiming of ‘free delivery.’
  • the failure to inform consumers that delivery charges will be deducted from the value of dollars sent to local florists.




Once consumers have placed their orders, additional internal network issues come into play, including:


  • the failure of some affiliates to properly forward all required fees, especially those labeled ”delivery charges’, to the actual florists that deliver the products.
  • the cloaking of transferred orders to local florists behind real florist business names and/or master accounts of national wire services. The Florist Detectives believe that cloaking the origination of orders has helped hide deceptive marketing practices, the use of false location information and the skimming of order values; which in turn has prevented the information from being exposed to consumers, state and federal regulatory agencies, and the wire services themselves.
  • the wire services’ payment of bounties – rebates – in dollar amounts that exceed their commissions earned from these orders, to subsidize the affiliate marketing schemes on a grand scale. These rebates, rumored to be as high as $8.00 USD per order, provide additional funds for order gatherers to increase their range and saturation of marketing; overshadowing the efforts of local florists that play by the wire services’ own rules to member florists.






Why We Believe Consumers Are Not Well Served




When a gatherer/broker accepts your order over the web or via a Yellow Page ad, the company can provide little guarantee that your selection will be filled exactly ‘as sold’ if it is being transferred to a local florist for fulfillment. Many sites feature licensed wire service images and only hope that they can find a local affiliate that has the item, or something close to it, in current inventory.




The gatherers don’t truly know if the amount charged the consumer is adequate to meet the customary price of the local flower shop – including delivery charges – since they are simply brokering the order.




Consumer may have chosen a flower arrangement based on the vase displayed or a specific flower type featured, yet many orders are transferred to local florists with vague descriptions and/or instructions stating ‘fill as similar as possible’ – leaving both a disappointed sender and recipient.




The average ‘service fee’ of $11.00 USD, a privilege fee charged just for forwarding orders to local florists, boosts the cost to consumers, giving the appearance that florist-delivered flowers are higher priced than they need be.




We spotted an interesting blog entry about a Valentine’s Day flower shopping experience that highlighted some common misunderstandings by consumers regarding the level of control of inventory and price charged by national order gatherers, in this case FTD.com. A wise Butler, PA florist offered what is in our opinion a great explanation as to why consumers are better off with a local florist and the likely reasons why the order could not be fulfilled by FTD.com via its affiliate florist network.




To further make the point, we also recommend reading this consumer’s comparisson between 1-800-Flowers.com and his local florist as well as an explanation of how FTD.Com For Flowers Ruined My Weekend by Jupiter Media CEO, Alan Meckler.


Call 419-517-8821 to order your flowers directly from Beautiful Blooms by Jen so you know exactly what you’re getting! Or feel free to order online at Beautifulbloomsbyjen.com where everything is itemized so you know exactly how much everything costs and everything you spend goes right into your flower arrangement.


Don’t get caught by this-  When googling florist in Detroit this is what came up:

New classes are now available!  If more classes need to be added, they will be added for the same day class is already offered, but at noon.  Each class is limited to 8 people. Please make sure to reserve your spot early.

Classes make a great holiday gift!  Call Beautiful Blooms by Jen at 419-517-8821 to pay for a class and we’ll email you a gift certificate to give as the gift!


January 14th: 1pm Bring your own mug- $30

Cube Flower Arrangement Class: January 21th- 1pm- $30- Class includes clear cube vase, flowers and instruction.
Dozen Roses Vased Class- February 4th at 1pm- $50- Includes vase, flowers and instruction.
Men’s Dozen Rose Class- Come design your own Valentine’s Gift! February 12th- $50- includes all materials and instruction.

Oh my gosh! We had so much fun on Sunday!  7 kids came to the flower shop and decorated their own mini Christmas tree! Please call 419-517-8821 if you have a group interested in learning something to do with floral design.  We even have a girl scout troop coming in January!

Check out Drew's Tree!Check out Lydia's Tree!One more kid's class available! Saturday 12-17 10am-2pm $5 kid's pine cone arrangement class. No reservations necessary!