Isn’t this orchid gorgeous! And I love the new containers we have in for spring!  We can fill them with cut flowers or plants!

Close up of the beautiful phalaenopsis orchids.

Why send a traditional basket of green plants when Beautiful Blooms by Jen can do a dish garden with blooming plants that is fun like this!

Succulents are one of Meghan’s favorites! They are slow growing and you hardly ever have to water them.  I think they make an awesome centerpiece for your patio furniture!

Gorgeous peace lily! Again, no basket.  We love modern!

Bromeliads are one of my favorite tropicals. Love the variegated foliage on this one!

Another fun dish garden.

A 6 inch bromeliad.  Check out the amazing double flowers coming out! And it already had a baby!  You can divide the baby and give it to a friend!

Don’t forget about violets!
Our plant truck comes in every Monday afternoon so if you ever need anything special just let us know.  They also have gardenias, mandavillas, kalanchoes, cyclamen, and bulb gardens right now.  Blooming plants are a fabulous idea for cost effective centerpieces for an event, for a gift, or just to help yourself think spring!

To see more plant ideas, check out of our website and search “plant” or call 419-517-8821 to see what we have available.