One of the classes I attended today was called Sympathy from the Heart. Tom Simmons showed us all kinds of new trends in sympathy pieces.

Have you ever been to a funeral with fun pieces like these? The first two arrangements pictured are perfect for urns, pictures, another arrangement, or candles to go in the center of. The next one is a casket cover that represents someone who liked to golf. He really stressed that sympathy work should represent the interests of the person who passed away.

Another suggestion he had was since people are trying to not spend so much, two (or more) families can go in on the casket cover and they can be two different arrangements when placed together look like one. They have movement between the two which represents “moving to another world.”

The easel pictured has living plants in it! What a great keepsake for someone to take home.

The next picture shows an idea again with “moving to another world” and would be perfect for an urn or picture.

In this large picture, Tom suggested that instead of a guest book, have a large arrangement where guests write their information on an enclosure card with a ribbon attached and everyone hangs their card on the arrangement.

This gorgeous pink arrangement is the same idea as the golf casket cover. It is in two pieces and multiple families could have purchased it.

There are so many shapes available to florists now. This is a creative take on the breast cancer ribbon. The company just came out with football shaped oasis for us to make footballs out of flowers in addition to round ones on stands we can make assorted sports balls from.

I loved this heart! Check out the lilies in it! They are a brand new lily that isn’t even available on the market yet. But I promise Beautiful Blooms by Jen will be one of the first to order it!

Tom had all kinds of ideas for substitutions for those goofy ribbons with glitter names on them that are still so common at funerals. Represent the family members with hanging flowers in the last picture, or votive candles in the breast cancer ribbon.

Beautiful Blooms by Jen is happy to help you in you with any event life may send your way. For flowers as unique as you, call 419-367-0588. What an impact your arrangement will make if it is fun like the ones pictured here!