What Happens During Maternity Leave?

I live, eat, breathe, Beautiful Blooms by Jen. It’s been my entire life since 2008 when I began my company out of my house. Fast forward a few years and it’s been 7 years this January that we’ve had our full retail shop open!  People couldn’t believe that I planned my first pregnancy to be due in December so I could have Cooper when it wasn’t wedding season. Hey- I couldn’t believe that it worked either but we were totally going to stop trying if we hadn’t gotten pregnant and wait for the next off season. We lucked out again when I became pregnant again and am due November.

Jen and Cooper- JP Photography

Jen and son, Cooper.

Beautiful Blooms by Jen started off as just me, working out of my house. Now I have a staff of 7 other amazing individuals!  6 plus our awesome delivery driver, Scott. There is no way I would be able to design over 100 weddings a year in addition to tons of parties, events and daily deliveries. In fact, my main job is at a computer and meeting with clients about their events. Days go by without me even getting to touch a flower, which is sad, but I love the business aspect of owning a business as well. So even though the sign says Beautiful Blooms by Jen, any of my talented staff could have been the ones to design your fabulous flowers!



The moral of the story is that I have an amazing staff that will take care of each and every customer just like I would while I’m on maternity leave. Sarah and Colleen have each been on my team for over 5 years! And Hailley is going on 3! Plus, I am still able to be emailing and chatting with brides while I’m not physically in the shop.

Sarah, Jen and Colleen

Sarah, Jen and Colleen

Business goes on as usual while I’m on maternity leave, whenever Jaxon comes, and everything will still be perfect for our fabulous customers! We have some super exciting projects going on that I am so excited to be able to focus on and share when we can. If you email me, Jen@beautifulbloomsbyjen.com, please know that I will be answering emails as soon as I can, in between holding my brand new baby : )  If you need immediate assistance, please call the shop at 419-517-8821. Thanks to everyone for your support and patience during this exciting milestone!

*All photos- JP Photography

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