2016 Beautiful Blooms Christmas Party

Beautiful Blooms by Jen was so crazy busy in 2016 we never even took new head shots or pictures for our website. Since we didn’t, we didn’t even send out holiday cards last year or this year!  So when we decided that we were due, I wanted to turn it into a super fun day! 

We are so excited for our friend Julie, from JP Photography, and Brandi, from Beauty by Brandi, who opened a studio together a few months ago. We decided to choose them to pamper us while we hung out in their studio with snacks and drinks! It was so awesome to be able to get everything done in the same place while we relaxed.

One by one, we arrived and began to get beautiful because of Brandi!

Hailley getting her makeup done for the headshots by Beauty by Brandi.

Hailley getting her makeup done by Brandi for head shots.

Kaitlin, Colleen, and Alisa chatting in between headshots.

Kaitlin, Colleen, and Alisa chatting in between head shots.

We brought all kinds of snacks and outfits so that we could make sure we coordinated. Don’t worry, the girls under 21 weren’t drinking wine too. PS if you haven’t tried Apple Pie Wine from Fresh Thyme Market, you need to!

Once everyone was dressed and had their make up on, we each had our head shots taken. Then we did some group shots inside and then braved the cold weather for some group shots and quick head shot outside. We can’t wait to see how they turned out.

Since we were all pretty and it was only 5pm when we finished up with pictures, we went out to dinner at Sakura. We had decided to make this our Christmas party since we were so busy in December and we didn’t want to just head home when we were all done up! The girls had a gift exchange. The girls had surprised me with a hair cut and color when I went to get my hair done in December which was so amazing. I surprised them by inviting them all to a floral conference in March so we could all go away for the weekend and have a fun time while learning.

Sarah's dinner at Sakura Japanese Steakhouse!

Sarah’s dinner at Sakura Japanese Steakhouse.

It was super dark at Sakura, so that’s the only picture we took! But it was delicious and we had a great time. Could not believe how crazy busy it was in there. We were very thankful to be able to grab a table instead of waiting for a hibachi table.

Then we decided to head to The Cinnamon Stick, which is a new bakery on Holland Sylvania Rd. Cooper and Kyle met us over there because who doesn’t love dessert?! Cooper was so excited to try a brownie sundae!  They also have amazing pies and shakes with alcohol!

Cooper picking out his Brownie at The Cinnamon Stick.

Cooper picking out a browne at The Cinnamon Stick.


Here's a little sneak peek from the photoshoot with JP Photography. Watch our Facebook page for more pictures to be posted!

Here’s an IPhone sneak peek from the photo shoot with JP Photography. Watch our Facebook page for more pictures to be posted soon!

Man I have an amazing team. Not only are they such hard workers, they are all amazing friends and we all have such a great time together! Here’s to a great 2017!

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