Colleen Barnhart, Manager at Beautiful Blooms by Jen

Colleen Barnhart, Manager at Beautiful Blooms by Jen.  JP Photography

I first met Colleen when she was the Manager at Bumble, a former flower shop in downtown Sylvania. I had been invited to open Beautiful Blooms by Jen inside and while working on contracts, I found our little house and opened our own location. Colleen had just had a baby and that is now how we keep track of how long we’ve been open in Sylvania. Madeline is now 6 years old!


Madeline- JP Photography

Colleen didn’t come work for me right away though…  I was actually devastated when my first manager, Meghan, was moving to be closer to her boyfriend, now husband. I had no idea what I was going to do because business was booming and I needed to hire staff anyway, and then I received an email from Colleen. It was totally fate and I am so glad that we are now a team! She is a fabulous manager and now one of my best friends!

Colleen began her work in the floral industry working for her cousin, Annette Moriarty, back in high school. The shop was called A Studio. Then she moved on to Glendale Flowers where it seems every floral designer in Toledo got their start. Back in the day it was the place to be!

Colleen then moved on to Twigs Florals and Gifts in Rossford and worked there for many years. She was presented with an opportunity to help open Bumble and she was excited to be working in Sylvania close to home. A new marriage and a new child later, she stayed at home for a while and when she was ready to come back to work, she found her new home at Beautiful Blooms by Jen!

Her family home includes her hard working husband, Tim, Tim’s three kids, and 6 year old, Madeline. Her older kids, you have probably seen helping out and delivering for Beautiful Blooms by Jen. Megan and her truck-driving, arch delivering husband, Brandon and Caitlan. I love that they are all part of the team and the dream!

Untitled design (10)

Caitlan, Megan and Brandon

I honestly don’t know what I would do without Colleen. She is the Manager of Beautiful Blooms by Jen and takes care of the every day ordering for the shop. She also helps manage the day to day orders and deliveries which allows me to focus on weddings and the business like marketing and accounting. Colleen is an amazing at everything she does and I am so lucky to have her as part of our BBBJ Team!

copyright Photos by Yvonne 2013

Jen and Colleen, 2013. Photos by Yvonne

All Make-Up by Beauty by Brandi

At Beautiful Blooms by Jen we have been working hard for months to plan an amazing Valentine’s Day for you and your loved one. Valentine’s Day is on a Tuesday this year so we will be open for walk-ins and delivering in honor of Valentine’s Day beginning Saturday, February 11th, open 12-5pm on Sunday the 12th and all day Monday the 13th and Tuesday the 14th.

Great news! We’ve planned ahead so far that we want you to plan ahead too!  When you place your Valentine’s Day order before February 3rd, Beautiful Blooms by Jen will add a FREE Cookie gift pack from The Cinnamon Stick!

The Cinnamon Stick is a new bakery in Toledo on Holland Sylvania Road that specializes in pies, sweet treats and cocktails. If you haven’t been in yet, you definitely need to try it out.


We have bunch of super fun specials for Valentine’s Day and can’t wait to share all of them! We have added new items to the website and hope you’re all excited!

This arrangement is called Simple Romance and it features Valentine’s Day colored gerbera daisies and complementing tulips. This arrangement as shown is $42.95. The step up is $52.95 or the premium is $59.95.

I love this arrangement, Loving Gaze, because it’s so “Valentine’s Day” but way more bang for your buck than a dozen roses! It’s a fun red vase filled with red roses and stargazer lilies. As shown is $115.95 and can be upgraded to $129.95 and $139.95 which adds in more roses and lilies.

We love this specialty vase that features silver hearts! Pair of Hearts is the perfect pick filled with red roses, white alstromeria and red miniature carnations. As shown is $55.95 with steps up at $75.95 and $85.95.

Want to order online? No problem! Add the note FREECOOKIES into your online order before February 3rd and we will add them in for you. Thank you for shopping local this Valentine’s Day and shopping early!



Alyson’s brother was one of my husband’s baseball players at Springfield High School and it is so cool that that is how they found our about Beautiful Blooms by Jen! I was so excited because they remembered us! Plus now Alyson and I are on the Sylvania Chamber together working to make Sylvania a great place!

When Alyson and here mom first came in, they were concerned because Alyson really wanted to carry a hoop that her Grandmother had carried down the aisle. We each found a few pictures of ideas and Alyson just let Beautiful Blooms by Jen be creative. I loved that she completely trusted us and I think it turned out fabulous!

I was going to post our pictures, but John David Williamson Photography took such awesome photos! Plus it was a gorgeous aside being super hot! So please enjoy these gorgeous shots!

Alyson and Sean and her bridal bouquet made from of her grandmother's hoop and his groom's boutonniere by Beautiful Blooms By Jen. Featuring purple calla lilies, purple dendrobium orchids, green dendrobium orchids, willow, ruscus and seeded eucalyptus.

Alyson and Sean and her bridal bouquet and his groom’s boutonniere by Beautiful Blooms By Jen. Bride’s grandmother’s hoop, purple calla lilies, purple dendrobium orchids, green dendrobium orchids, willow, ruscus and seeded eucalyptus. Photo by John David Williamson Photography.

Alyson's bridal bouquet made from her grandmother's hoop by Beautiful Blooms By Jen. Featuring purple calla lilies, purple dendrobium orchids, green dendrobium orchids, willow, ruscus and seeded eucalyptus.

Alyson’s bridal bouquet made by Beautiful Blooms By Jen- featuring her grandmother’s hoop, purple calla lilies, purple dendrobium orchids, green dendrobium orchids, willow, ruscus and seeded eucalyptus. John David Williamson Photography


What a beautiful day they had! John David Williamson Photography


Love this shot! This is how bouquets are delivered at Beautiful Blooms by Jen. Cute box with signature hot pink tissue cushioning the flowers. John David Williamson Photography

Bridesmaid's bouquet by Beautiful Blooms By Jen, featuring white hydrangea and green chrysanthemum pomps.

Bridesmaid’s bouquet by Beautiful Blooms By Jen, featuring white hydrangea and green chrysanthemum pomps.

Ceremony/Reception Location: Sylvania Country Club– Sylvania, OH

Photographer: John David Williamson Photography

Florist: Beautiful Blooms By Jen

Cake: Sue Gladieux

Hair and Makeup: The French Twist Salon and Spa

DJ: Sounds of Music

Beautiful Blooms by Jen was so crazy busy in 2016 we never even took new head shots or pictures for our website. Since we didn’t, we didn’t even send out holiday cards last year or this year!  So when we decided that we were due, I wanted to turn it into a super fun day! 

We are so excited for our friend Julie, from JP Photography, and Brandi, from Beauty by Brandi, who opened a studio together a few months ago. We decided to choose them to pamper us while we hung out in their studio with snacks and drinks! It was so awesome to be able to get everything done in the same place while we relaxed.

One by one, we arrived and began to get beautiful because of Brandi!

Hailley getting her makeup done for the headshots by Beauty by Brandi.

Hailley getting her makeup done by Brandi for head shots.

Kaitlin, Colleen, and Alisa chatting in between headshots.

Kaitlin, Colleen, and Alisa chatting in between head shots.

We brought all kinds of snacks and outfits so that we could make sure we coordinated. Don’t worry, the girls under 21 weren’t drinking wine too. PS if you haven’t tried Apple Pie Wine from Fresh Thyme Market, you need to!

Once everyone was dressed and had their make up on, we each had our head shots taken. Then we did some group shots inside and then braved the cold weather for some group shots and quick head shot outside. We can’t wait to see how they turned out.

Since we were all pretty and it was only 5pm when we finished up with pictures, we went out to dinner at Sakura. We had decided to make this our Christmas party since we were so busy in December and we didn’t want to just head home when we were all done up! The girls had a gift exchange. The girls had surprised me with a hair cut and color when I went to get my hair done in December which was so amazing. I surprised them by inviting them all to a floral conference in March so we could all go away for the weekend and have a fun time while learning.

Sarah's dinner at Sakura Japanese Steakhouse!

Sarah’s dinner at Sakura Japanese Steakhouse.

It was super dark at Sakura, so that’s the only picture we took! But it was delicious and we had a great time. Could not believe how crazy busy it was in there. We were very thankful to be able to grab a table instead of waiting for a hibachi table.

Then we decided to head to The Cinnamon Stick, which is a new bakery on Holland Sylvania Rd. Cooper and Kyle met us over there because who doesn’t love dessert?! Cooper was so excited to try a brownie sundae!  They also have amazing pies and shakes with alcohol!

Cooper picking out his Brownie at The Cinnamon Stick.

Cooper picking out a browne at The Cinnamon Stick.


Here's a little sneak peek from the photoshoot with JP Photography. Watch our Facebook page for more pictures to be posted!

Here’s an IPhone sneak peek from the photo shoot with JP Photography. Watch our Facebook page for more pictures to be posted soon!

Man I have an amazing team. Not only are they such hard workers, they are all amazing friends and we all have such a great time together! Here’s to a great 2017!

Cooper and Momma get to hang out a lot during basketball season. With all the special holiday schedules and days off, as a business owner, you’re never totally off duty. The good news is that I get to work with an adorable assistant! With Christmas and New Years, we have had funerals the day we were back to work and so we needed gorgeous fresh flowers for our customers. So Cooper and I have headed down to the wholesale house in Perrysburg twice the last few weeks.

If you follow us on instagram or facebook you’ve probably seen pictures of Cooper growing up and Cooper smelling flowers. He really loves to come visit the flower shop.



This was before Christmas and he is still telling me about lilies. This kid and his memory crack me up!

Right after his 2nd birthday he got to go to the wholesale house for the first time! He LOVED it! I wanted to share some pictures.

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like inside the wholesale house, it’s kind of like a grocery store filled with flowers and supplies. The supplies are in aisles where you can walk up and down and grab what you need. And then inside the giant cooler there are buckets and buckets and rows and rows of flowers that are available for us to hand pick.


The first thing he did was go right to the closest flower to smell them. Unfortunately he picked statice which doesn’t really smell!


Cooper loved the berries!


Then we headed over to check out the miniature carnations.


We almost lost his head inside these roses!

Then we went again on New Years Day. He talked about going to the “flower store”  the whole way there.


He picked the perfect flowers to sniff first this time. Check out these amazing garden roses!


And then we found these gorgeous peonies! But it’s funny, the flower he decided was his favorite were the green roses. He talked about them all day!

He loves fist bumping Dan, Dan the Flower Man too. We might have a future florist folks!  Hopefully we can go visit Cleveland Plant and Flower again soon! Thanks Dan!