Day 1 in Our Las Vegas Adventure!

Last March a customer came in and asked for help planning the centerpiece for a Las Vegas themed party. It led to the conversation that Colleen, my manager, had never been to Las Vegas. I had been a couple times while I was living in San Diego for an internship at a flower shop, I had been a couple times for a conference called Wedding MBA and I had also been there with my husband for the American Institute of Floral Designer’s Conference. It’s a super fun city, but I had never been with a fellow floral designer.

I hopped right on the computer and checked out when Wedding MBA was this year and there was a screaming deal for the conference. I found affordable tickets for the plane and decided that this was the perfect trip for my soon to be 50 year old manager who hadn’t even been to the city that never sleeps, Las Vegas!

I also double checked with my amazing husband who would have to take care of our almost 2 year old without me for a few days. Luckily we have a fabulous team of my parents, my mother in law and our child care provider and we were able to make everything happen.

We went a few days early to the conference so Colleen could see Las Vegas and so that we could check out the hotels and their flowers!


We made it! At one of my favorite hotels in Vegas, Cosmopolitan! I LOVE sparkle and crystals!


The Bellagio is a florist’s dream! This is the arrangement just for the concierge desk!


How cool is this fall display in the Bellagio?!


This scarecrow is adorable at the Bellagio!


We love that art is created out of flowers!

We had such an amazing time our first day! Can’t wait to share more! ¬†We are still brainstorming how we can design something on this scale in Toledo!






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