Sometimes Two Isn’t Better Than One

Lots of customers have been asking about our Central location lately. We are now back to just one location, our downtown Sylvania location, 5646 Summit Street, and I am so excited! I realize that closing that location may seem like a crazy business decision, or even opening it to begin with, but these are not decisions we took lightly. I apologize to those of you who this has inconvenienced, but we have to make decisions on what is best for the company.

This adventure started out when we realized that after 3 years in our current location that we were growing so fast and we needed more work space. Since we couldn’t find somewhere to move our entire location to, after searching for over a year, we were excited when we found the Central Avenue location with a 1 year lease. We were so excited that we found not only a work space, but a location with high traffic and visibility. We decided to have a grand opening since we had never had one at our Downtown Sylvania store and have it open the same hours as our Sylvania store. We decorated it beautifully and used it to design weddings all summer long and staffed it full time.

Grand Opening of BBBJ 2nd Location- Photo Tableau

Grand Opening of BBBJ 2nd Location- Photo Tableau

By the time wedding season was winding down in October, I had learned that I do not like having two locations. I’m a control freak and need to make sure everything is perfect for my customers. (That’s one of the reasons you love us though right? ) Plus it wasn’t very busy with walk in customers. As we grew busier for the holidays I realized that we either needed to hire staff in order to maintain our high level of customer service, or we needed to use the Central Avenue location just as a work space when it was needed. We decided on the second option.

Although this alleviated our space issues, we had to make a decision when our lease came up at the end of March. After careful thought, we decided to go back to one location. We believe that the money we were investing in the Central Avenue location was too much for a spot that was simply used as work space and there were other renters interested.

So that is the story! I have an awesome team and we are so excited to begin our tenth wedding season and continue doing the amazing designs we do every day for our customers! We’ll figure out our next plan when the time is right and hopefully then we can learn from this and¬†everything will be perfect.

Please check out our updated website when you get a chance!

Jen Linehan, CFD, CF- Beautiful Blooms by Jen. Photo by Viridian Ivy Images

Jen Linehan, CFD, CF- Beautiful Blooms by Jen. Photo by Viridian Ivy Images

Photo by Viridian Ivy Images.


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