Lately Beautiful Blooms by Jen has been having lots of discussions with brides about linens. Our flower arrangements look even more awesome when they are on an amazing linen!  We have been meeting some new vendors and wanted to visit some that we work with all the time but have never been to visit!  We like to keep things local! Meredith Party Rentals is one of the companies that has been taking care of our brides for years, including my own wedding! But as a tech savy bride I checked everything out online and just chatted with Michelle on the phone to save time. I should have went to visit years ago!

This is the linen room!

This is the linen room!

We walked into this amazing and organized linen room! They have tons of different colors and patterns!

The linen iron!

The linen iron!

We don’t work with any vendors who have giant creases in their linens. This huge machine is the giant iron that Meredith Party Rentals uses on their linens! Isn’t it crazy! We also saw their giant washing machine for tents!

Rental Room

This is their new addition!

This is the new addition! It houses all of the tables, chairs, tents and other large rental items. I didn’t realize you can rent huge coolers, frying matching and even margarita makers and ice cream machines!

Eggplant linens

Eggplant and gold linens

The last thing we checked out was their showroom. This is their next project they will be redoing but there were still lots of awesome items. A ton of brides have been asking about an eggplant linen so I wanted to make sure I got a picture of these!  The pattern is beautiful!

Colleen and I saw so many fun things when we visited Meredith Party Rentals. We should have visited years ago!  If you’re looking for linens, Beautiful Blooms by Jen, can get them for you from Meredith Party Rentals or you can go and check everything out yourself!