Grocery Store Mistake

Grocery Store Flowers at 8:30pm when the floral department closed at 7...

This is the picture that inspired this blog post. It was sent to me by an employee who was doing her grocery shopping at 8:30pm.  We found it very interesting since the floral department closed at 7pm. Did you know that every florist receives their flowers in boxes? What makes the difference in how long they last is how well they are taken care of from the beginning.

This is how the flowers at Beautiful Blooms by Jen come in.

 As the only Ohio Certified Florist in Northwest Ohio, we at Beautiful Blooms by Jen know that the number one rule in Care and Handling is to open and unpack the flowers immediately. We have to allow the flowers to breathe or they accumulate ethylene gas inside the box which causes them to expire faster.

Sanitized buckets

We then prepare our properly sanitized buckets with luke warm water and the proper amount of floral preservative which provides sugar to help the flowers last longer and biocides to slow the growth of bacteria.

Removing any foliage that will be below the water line so as to discourage the development of bacteria is the next step. Then  we cut the stems to encourage water uptake.

Cut stems to expose fresh, healthy tissue which will allow better uptake of water.

Certain wilt-sensitive flowers need to be dipped into a hydrating solution. This is another reason why Beautiful Blooms by Jen always goes to classes and conferences to keep up on the latest products.

 This is what the after-math looks like on the floor!

 And then you have these beautiful flowers all ready to recover and acclimate. While they drink up their water, we date all of our buckets and place them in the cooler rotated. Beautiful Blooms by Jen arrangements need to last well over a week and if we don’t use fresh flowers that have been processes correctly, that can’t happen!

Do you think your local grocery store or supermarket does all of these things….

I know it’s probably more convenient to grab while you’re grocery shopping, but we always have premade arrangements and easy in and out parking. Please stop in and visit us at 5646 Summit St. in Downtown Sylvania or order online at and you will be able to tell the difference. You definitely get what you pay for and more.