5 weddings this weekend! 2 Friday, 2 Saturday and 1 Sunday. Most of the flowers for Friday and Saturday came in today. Sorry Merianna! All your flowers come Friday!

Abigail's section for her Friday wedding.

These orchids are perfect for Abigail's royal blue wedding!

Rachel, Abigail and Sarah's hydrangea.

Sarah's ivory roses for her beautiful bridal bouquet!

Spray roses for all the weddings!

Annemarie's purple section!

Purple stock close up! Love the color!

Rachel's section! White and lavender!

Isn't this lavender lisianthus for Rachel beautiful!

Big weekend ahead! We can’t wait to get started! Sorry I didn’t get your flowers in yet Merianna! They are coming Friday and will be gorgeous too!  I just wanted to make sure everything was perfect and could fit in the cooler!