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So here’s something I’ve been pondering lately:  Many places in town provide “free” centerpieces for you to use.

1. They are free.
2. You can DIY.

1. Your centerpieces will look just like everyone else who gets married at that venue
 – Unless we enhance them, you get what you pay for. Free centerpieces.
2. The vases are hardly ever ready- or the right amount.
 – When we show up at a venue we usually end up disagreeing with the venue on what is set out. Either they don’t have enough vases out, or the wrong ones out, etc.  You are paying me to service your wedding so I take care of this, but sometimes the venue is not very happy because they think they are right.
3. The vases are dirty.
– Most venues don’t clean the vases each time so when we show up to design in the vases they still have glitter, goo, etc. stuck in the bottom.  This is a major problem because when we show up we do not have anything to clean with. We are there to use those containers, make our arrangements and place them. Therefore you are not getting the perfect centerpiece that you could be getting if Beautiful Blooms by Jen provided everything.

Beautiful Blooms by Jen offers many one of a kind rental items that no other place in town offers.  We rent them so then you aren’t stuck with 25 of the same container after your wedding. Mom’s always tell me oh I bought these 20 vases and all my daughters are going to use them when they get married. That is so limiting and not fun! Your daughters are not the same person and don’t have the same style! (Usually)  In renting, you are able to get a $60 vase for $5 or $10! You get a huge look for a little price.

Please brides, don’t limit yourself just because your venue offers “free” centerpieces.  There are so many cost effective options out there and I am happy to help you figure those out! Or utilize some of the free ones to free up some of your budget so we can do really fun centerpieces.  Or if you decide to use a friend’s containers, that is great. but only if you REALLY like them!

If you rented the candelabra and did colored candles this centerpiece would only be $45!

Love these vases with submerged wire, orchids and a submerged pink light. They would only be $40 each! Talk about a wow centerpiece!  We also rent the wheat grass containers!

Check out these new fun wax squares. They rent for $5 each and can be filled with flowers or candles!

Thank you Blue Martini Photography for the pictures!

  1. Love this post! How much is it to rent the entire table you have shown? Also do you happen to have a round glass top for it? It would be a beautiful cake table!!!

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