So we got in Paperwhite Bulbs this week and its been so much fun playing around with them.  The neat thing about Paperwhites is that they don’t need to be potted in soil to bloom.  The first arrangement is one I made for Jen’s mom, she gets the fullness of roses and lilacs but once the fresh flowers die she’ll have the Paperwhites that will have begun to bloom.
For the square and cylinder pieces, I just added the paperwhite bulbs on top of stones to create a really unique look and then wrapped the vases with aluminum wire.  Once the Paperwhites start to bloom it will look reall cool and ver natural.  I think it would make a great tablescape to space out cylinder vases with blooming Paperwhites and other cylinder vases with floating candles and Cranberries.  Talk about a WOW-statement for Christmas time, and long-lasting!  Give us a call at 419-517-8821 and we’d be glad to create a one-of-a-kind centerpiece for your Holiday Festivities.