Planning My Own Wedding Flowers- Toledo Wedding Florist

So it is totally weird being in the same shoes as my brides now! You’d think after designing flowers for so many years I would know exactly what I would want to have for my own wedding! The truth is I have been dreaming for years but I change my mind practically ever weekend as I design weddings for my brides!  I had no idea this was so difficult and I am totally understanding what my brides have gone through and are going through during their wedding planning process. I am excited because I think this is going to make me an even better wedding designer!

I believe I have finally chosen a color scheme because my fiance’s one request was that blue be somewhere in the wedding.  We’re going to go with royal blue bridesmaid’s dresses with all white and shades of pink flowers. I have kind of started the shopping process…

Here are some floral pictures that are inspiring me. For as modern and fun as I like to get with weddings that I am hired for, I was very surprised at how traditional the things I’m picking out for my wedding are. Kinda crazy huh? I love the fun textures though! Let me know what you think.

  1. I love the bouquet with the orchids in it, not just cause i love them, but like you said all the texture and color, they look really awesome!

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