8-7-10 Jen Wilhelm and Zach Amos Wedding Flowers

 Gorgeous centerpieces on iron stands rented from BBBJ!
 Jen picked out these fun lanterns and we added greenery and the fun yellow kangaroo paws around the base. I wish I could have seen them all lit up!
 Arrangements for the buffet!
Ceremony: St. Louis Catholic Church, Custar, OH
Photography: Lifeprints Studios
So pretty!
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  1. This was a really fun wedding to work on, we got to use some flowers that we haven't had a chance to work with this year and the yellow color was a beautiful pop in the room at the French Quarter. The large centerpieces were so eye-catching and really did wonders for that large room, it just shows that splurging a little on high-impact centerpieces goes a long way and can turn your wedding into a dream event.

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