Day 1- OFA Short Course- Toledo Wedding Florist

I love coming to Columbus each year for the Ohio Floral Association Shortcourse. I learn so much in a couple of days. In my class with Kevin Ylvisaker today on Gen Y, he created all of these masterpieces. Who wants me to create something fun like this for your special event?! I can do any of them! It really made me want to be able to design on a daily basis. Who in Toledo are creating designs like these?

Call Beautiful Blooms by Jen for innovative designs at 419-367-0588.

We can add submerged lights to anything. Look at the awesome wire accents and the rainbow floral foam! So fun! How cool would it be if one of these were the centerpiece for your event, or the arrangement you send to your wife or girlfriend’s office? So much better than a traditional dozen roses! This is nothing like what is usually sent and it is so FUN!

  1. It's actually pink floral foam called pink rainbow foam. It's can be cut into any shape. In that particular arrangement it has pink pins in it as well to give it the fun accent.

  2. Is that pink sand in the first picture? I am working on centerpiece designs for June 2011 wedding and am looking to use colored sand.

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