Back from Ferdinand’s Ball! This was an event to help retired race horses that my friend Emily asked me to design the flowers for.

The event started with a rooftop dinner and it was sooo windy! Luckily I was able to place the tops of the iron stands right on the tables and then move them onto the stands when we went downstairs. If not, they would have flown into people’s laps! I was really glad the other option I had chosen was submerged dendrobium orchids swirled with light blue wire because they looked great!

After dinner, we moved everything downstairs for the main event. It looked amazing! There were a bunch of people from Toledo and we had so much fun making new friends with the Cake in a Cup ladies, Miss Kentucky, Kathleen from Smart Glass Jewelry and Clint from Pecan Pie Couture. I can’t wait to see the pictures Grand Lubell Photography took of us all on the red carpet! Here are some pictures of Emily and I. Her mom made us our fun derby hats.

I also did an arrangement for the silent auction which you can find on the Louisville Courier website.

Thanks so much to Beth Doane, one of the founders of Ferdinand’s Ball and owner of Rain Tees for letting me be creative with the flowers!