So as I was working on this weekend’s wedding today, I stopped and thought about how much I love my job! I am so excited for this summer when I have a wedding almost every weekend. The day can’t come soon enough so I am able to design flowers every day! I have definitely been enjoying my Spring Break from teaching!

This wedding is one of my largest of the year. Here are some more pictures of what I have finished so far. Aren’t the calla bouquets going to be gorgeous against the euro eggplant dresses? I love the centerpieces too with white hydrangea and roses, and purple dendrobium orchids and roses. This is one of the two centerpiece options. I’ll take some more tomorrow of the finished product but they won’t be as good as the ones JP Photography will take. I have been looking forward to working with them again since the fall! Going to bed now so I can get back to work in the morning!